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Hose with Power-head for Pro TNT (Model ST867)

Hose with Power-head for Pro TNT (Model ST867)

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Replacement Air Hose with attached Powerhead, for Pro Series TNT system

Push on hose attachment, with Powerhead end, for unit pictured below only, you must have this base system and TNT spray-heads to use this part.

(Red MaxiMist sticker on spray unit top will say Pro Series TNT, Model number on white sticker on base will say ST867, as pictured below)

Package Includes:

  • One powered airhose for Maximist Pro Series TNT (ST867) - appearance may vary slightly

(spray heads, spray system are not included)

If you are unsure if this is compatible with your unit, please message us prior to ordering. Please send a photo of your turbine/base/blower and your spraygun to:


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