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MaxiMist Elite Series EVO Spray Tanning System

MaxiMist Elite Series EVO Spray Tanning System

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In 2008 MaxiMist was born, and the unit that made our name was the MaxiMist HV5008. Through the years and many company acquisitions the unit was discontinued in 2015. To this day we still get calls for this machine with thousands that are still performing in the field 15 years later. After much though we have decided to bring this iconic unit back as the new MaxiMist Elite Series EVO.

The MaxiMist Elite Series EVO will come with either our standard MaxiMister ST300 spray gun or our top of the line MaxiMister ST302 Pro Series Spray Gun or BOTH featuring stainless steel fluid passageways and advanced air cap designs.

To read about the The MaxiMist Elite Series Spray Tanning Gun ST300 CLICK HERE

To read about the MaxiMist Elite Series Pro Spray Tanning Gun ST302 CLICK HERE

For the serious professional we also offer the MaxiMist Elite Series EVO with both the ST300 and the ST302 spray gun so you always have a backup on hand. 

The MaxiMist Elite Series EVO features a compact yet powerful design that can handle up to 25 applications daily. Our new improved 12 ft hose that is reinforced at both working ends will provide extended periods of worry-free use.



  • Electric: 400 watts,110v
  • Air Flow: 60 CFM
  • Noise Level: 72db at 6 ft
  • Hose: 12ft
  • Size: 10L x 6.5W x 8H
  • Weight: 3.7lbs
  • 1 year warranty
  • CE, RoAH, UL and FC Certifications



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